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Wordister is a blog community where blogging is made easy, and a way for you to make money on your blog.

► Get more visitors

Wordister is designed as a mix between a newspaper and a social network. This way your blog is able to generate more visitors, and you can interact with other users/bloggers.

► Earn money!

Wordister provides the platform, you provide the content. Therefore you as a blogger are able to own the best placed advertisement spot on your blog: The top of the page.

► Track your blog

To keep track of your blog, you can see how many visitors, comments, upvotes and endorsements you get.

► Be social (network)

Engage with other users in the Wordister community, to share thoughts, ideas or posts. You can follow your favorite blogger via the “endorse” function. For each endorse you get, you are more likely to get visits to your blog.

► Share your blog

Invite visitors from outside Wordister to get more hits. Share your latest post on other social networks.

► Get featured

If you are lucky, your post will get featured on the Wordister front page. This will generate even more visitors.

► Get top word

If you are even luckier your post will get “Top Word”, and will be shown on all other blogs, and on the top of the Wordister front page. This is the best way to get more visitors. Only the best posts will be selected for “Top Word”, so be creative and innovative.