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Tired of someone else makeing money of your content and work? With Wordister you are able to make money of your post and content.
This is done in three easy steps:
1. Post content
2. Sign up at yLLIX
3. Share your content
1. You can write about whatever content you desire; reviews, politics, news, thoughts, diary, blog, ect.*
2. Signing up at the ad network yLLIX is easy and takes less than 3 minutes. You own the best placed ad on your posts and your pages - the top banner.
3. When you have created your post, you can share it with the world. Wordister also makes sure your posts are exposed.

Other features
Pages You also get a homepage, where your visitors are able to see your posts, divided into categories of your choosing. Categories You are able to add a category to your posts. Making it easier for your visitors to read and navigate your content. These categories are also your homepages. Level For each level you gain, your posts become more exposed, which mean more visitors for you. Stats Keep an eye on your progress and monitor your visitors to help you perform better. Intuitive All of Wordister is made as intutive and simple as possible. This makes its faster and easier for you to make posts and earn money. Manage Manage your content and your profile, with the easy to use edit board.
*as long as you don't violate the terms of use

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