Tax the Apple. Which lame excuses Apple CEO comes up with in their defense

Tax the Apple. Which lame excuses Apple CEO comes up with in their defense
$15,000,000,000 - One Fife, and 9 Zeros. Thats the amount the European Trade Comission has given Apple due to their obivious lack of taxpayment in Europe.

The sweet deal between Apple and Ireland is seen as illigal state aid to a company. Ireland has a bad reputation for attracking companies to Europe, and offer them to pay little to no tax.

Apples sweet deal was to pay only 1% in tax, where as the company tax in Ireland is 12,5%. In spite of this, Apple only paid 0,005% in tax in 2014.

The investigation has been ongoing for three year, and has now ended with this huge but most fair fine. If companies like Apple are allowed to this sort of procedure, it can completely destroy the market, and leave the Irish and European voters as the big losers.

Jobs are hurt
Apples excuse was pitiful and foreseeable. They first claimed that this ruling would harm the jobmarket in Europe. One has to be a complete idiot to fall for that. Apple is one of the biggest harms to the jobsmarket ever. They are always looking for way to pay as little in salaries as possible. And their products, how inevitable it may be, have crushed a large number of jobs in all sorts of industries.

America is being targeted
As another lame excuse, or a way to turn the attention away, Apple now claims that Eruope deliberately goes after US companies, which they claim is unfair business. Anyone who have the most basic knowledge about the European Trade Comission, knows that all companies, espcially european, are fined for unfair business.

So give it a rest Apple. Pay your fine and start playing fair for once!
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