You are the real loser

You are the real loser
In this ongoing conflict there are a bunch of winners and losers.


1. Trump: He gets to act like the strong man, and put Kim Jung Un in his place. Now he has a conflict to divert some of the negative attention to his presidency. 

2. Kim Jung Un: Also he has a conflict to lead the attention away, from the miserable situation of the North Korean people. Now he also can stand as a strong man, against danger, and be the only way of protecting the North Korean People.

3. The media: The media has a field trip writing about this so called conflict. Nothing sells like a good old conflict. Be it celebrities, boxers, politicians, the readers love a good old conflict.

4. The weapons industry: No war = no weapons. No weapons = no profit. Even without war the weapon industry can make money, they just need a conflict. They have that now, and the have an increased US defense budget.


1. The North Korean people: They are litterally having their food taken out of their hands, in order to feed and uphold the army.

2. YOU: You are getting more nervous reading about a comming atomic war. But relax, no one wants this war. Everybody wants pease. Some wants profit, others wants power, and some just want food on their table.
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